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Spell Kits

Spells are amplifications of your thoughts and desires. They can control the elements and help you gain power and attract the opposite sex. If you are ready to know love, to achieve success, and to posses the wealth that you deserve, then you have to learn a new way to get it. You are going to have to learn to be a spell-caster.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that spell-casting is black magic and about communion with devils and demons. It is not. What is being offered here has no connection with Satan or witches. What is being offered is your key to getting everything you have ever desired. These spells have been crafted through the centuries by the wisest of the ancients to give mankind a greater control over their own natures. Their efficacy and veracity are well-known, widely believed, and rarely disputed.

Each ritual spell kit you order includes a ritual seal, candles, incense, spiritual root oil, and more. Using the detailed instructions provided with each spell kit, you can perform these spells on your own. But for something so powerful, we recommend you rely on our term initiates, or Santeros, to prepare and perform your spells for you (for an additional $25.00).

You can no longer afford to ignore the unlimited power of spell casting.

Money Spell Kit

Used to get money to find you and used to get you to make money easy and by accident.


Come Back To Me Lover Spell Kit

Used to draw a lover back to you and make them loving, loyal, and faithful.


Power And Commanding Spell Kit

Used to gain total power over another person.


Healing Spell Kit

Used to heal your body, mind, and spirit.


Marry Me Spell Kit

Used to bring about a marriage proposal and love commitment.


Protection Spell Kit

Used to protect you and keep you safe from all situations: the streets, relationships, jobs, or court.


D.U.M.E. Spell Kit

D.U.M.E.—death unto my enemies—does just that.
Use with prudence. Very powerful. Very dangerous.


Seduction Spell Kit

Used to immediately to attract and seduce members of the opposite sex.


Perform Spells For You

If for some reason you wish one of our initiated spirit workers to do the ritual for you, please make sure you purchase the kit of your choice above, as well as this perform spell package. We will take care of everything for you.

$25.00 additional

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