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The Dark Powers – The Authority in Personal Spiritual Rituals

"You need it, we do it."

Spells, white magic, ceremonial magic, incantations, candle magic, black magic, conjurations, and invocations. It's all here to help you through life. With the the power of Magic your dreams come true. A fact. All our needs in life Magic can help fulfill those needs. Whether it be power, money, fame, revenge, love or hate. Know this the universe can be bent to our will and it can all be achieved with spells and magic. We do it all for you, we have the best spirit workers that will work on your particular situation with total and complete success.

Included in this service fee are all items to be used in your ritual – which includes but is not limited to:

  • Custom prepared and fixed ritual candles
  • Custom blended oils for anointing
  • An 8 x 10 parchment seal made with your name and ritual request printed on it
  • Special blended incense to purify the space
  • Photographs of your ritual in progress
  • The original seal your ritual was done on sent to you so you can continue to work the energy of your ritual.
  • An offering to the Spirits of the Altar, which is a practice known as "Feeding the Spirits". This offering is usually tobacco and liquor.

Starting fee for all rituals is just $175.00
After payment, send your name and the details of your requested ritual service to

Additional charges will apply to requests for products or services outside the ones listed Altars may also be employed weekly and monthly.
Fees for this extended time of service start at $175.00 per month

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