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Magical Oils

Magical oils are used for anointing yourself and drawing whatever you wish like a magnet. No matter what you call them--attraction oils, hoodoo oils, or anointing oils--magical oils are used to attract love, money, luck, or friends.

For magical oils to be powerful and effective, they should contain more than just clever names on bottles of colored oil. They should contain--they MUST contain--real herbs, roots, and minerals. But over the years, as urbanization has driven people further from the sources of natural magic in their lives, manufacturers of magick products have slowly begun to leave the roots and herbs out of the old root doctors' formulas. In fact, today it's virtually impossible to buy magical oils that are made with only natural botanical ingredients.

TheDarkPowers deals directly with an African Medicine man who harvests our magical oils directly from exotic plants. Filled with herbs, flowers, leaves, and roots, our oils have incredible effects. Just put a few drops on your wrist and some on your neck, and let the magic work.

Only $59.95 for a single bottle, or get them all for $999.95. It's time to attract what you desire.

All 19 Magical Oils


Magical Sex Oil

Become an aphrodisiac with this sex oil. Spark a fire that will burn hot, make you irresistible, and trigger an insatiable sexual appetite from the person you deisre.


Magical Attraction Oil

Increase your charisma and sex appeal with this attraction oil. Exude confidence and magnetism, and attract the opposite sex, find your soul mate, and enchant new friends.


Magical Seduction Oil

Enhance your attraction to the opposite sex with this seduction oil. Radiate youth and vigor, and no one will be able to resist your sexual prowess and strength.


Magical Relationship Oil

Improve all matters of the heart with this relationship oil. Start a new relationship, strengthen an existing one, and fall in love all over again.


Magical Power Oil

Fortify your inner strength with this power oil. Exert your influence, bend the wills of those around you, and command the respect you deserve.


Magical Domination Oil

Exert your power over others with this domination oil. Force people to submit to your will.


Magical Money Drawing Oil

Draw wealth and business success with this money oil. Improve your luck and business acumen. Expand your customer base, innovate your products, increase your sales, and make more money hand over fist!


Magical Diva Oil

Embody a prima donna when wearing this oil. Annoint yourself and prepare to be treated like the goddess that you are.


Magical Gambling Oil

Improve your luck at the casino and race track with this oil. Protect your luck, and be the high roller you've always wanted to be.


Magical Protection Oil

Guard against evil forces with this oil. Surround your family, your posessions, and yourself with an aura of protection and ensure that no evil intentions come your way.


Magical Mojo Oil

Intensify and renew the power of any of your Mojo Bags with this oil. Annoint your Mojo Bag and fortify your Mojo.


Magical Repel Evil Oil

Drive away undesirables with this oil. Ward off visits from unwanted people, or send enemies away with just a few drops of this daily-use oil.


Magical Cornucopia Oil

Bring yourself great wealth with this oil. Specially formulated to create an abundance of possessions in your life.


Magical Restorative Oil

Regain strength and restore your health with this oil. Feel better mentally and physically and look ten years younger than you are.


Magical Love Oil

Embody the spirit of the love goddess, Aphrodite, with this oil. Look more beautiful and exotic and become infinitely desirable to all you meet.


Magical Good Fortune Oil

Find good luck with this oil. When you need opportunity to come your way, use this oil.


Magical Come to Me Oil

Attract a lover with this oil. Become irresistible to the opposite sex, and no one will be able to resist your sexual advances and invitations.


Magical Justice Oil

Tip the scales of justice your way with this oil. Use daily to ensure that fairness, impartiality, and virtue are shown to you in all life situations.


Magical Jinx-Removing Oil

Prevent bad omens with this oil. Use every day, and you will repel bad luck and jinxes or hexes that may be put on you.


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