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Mojo Bags
Own the forces of nature. As easy as carrying a small wallet in your pocket.

Mojo Bags

Hoodoo "Gris Gris" Power!

Mojo BagAll living things respond to the elemental, primal forces of nature. If you would own these forces, if you would make them one with yourself so that you might achieve success in all things, then you must obtain one of these miraculous Mojo Bags before the extremely limited supply vanishes.

Prepared in secret by the last remaining santero priests privy to this ancient formula, these powerful sexual weapons, dismissed by the foolish and the ignorant as nothing more than a bag of roots and ingredients, are the answer you have been looking for.

Order your Mojo Bag now. They're available in Regular-Strength or Quadruple-Strength, which includes hand-ground herbs and organic roots, Quadruple-strength essential oils, lucky talismans, and the most powerful lodestones.

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The WINNER of the Love Drawing Mojo Bag Drawing is Ervin D. from Bosnia! Congratulations!

Contest runs during randomly chosen times. Winner will be contacted via email address provided within 48 hours of drawing.