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An Elegua is a special magical tool that literally takes decades of preparation. It is unknown in the West and, due to some of its ingredients, can normally not even be imported into Western countries.

Did you know the queen of England has a sacred stone under her throne? Did you know Fidel Castro made no secret that he owed his success to an Elegua? Did you know Desi Arnez openly claimed that Elegua got him where he was?

Elegua is identified as the messenger of all manifestations of the elemental components of the creative force within any unified field that gives birth to all life experience. Geometric forms describe the growth and integration of all systems, from the binding forces within the smallest of atoms to the shapes and composition of tremendous galaxies.

As such Elegua offers a direct conduit to the Prime Consciousness (also known as The Source). The Elegua can bypass and transcend the dogmatic perimeters of the intellect, religion, philosophy, belief or disbelief.

Elegua is also understood as the language of the Soul Covenant embedded in the Human matrix and as such, knows why you are here and what you should be doing at any given time. As the very messenger used to construct all of creation, it works in conjunction with that sacred geometry that functions as the core component within the alchemy of manifestation of all earthly desires.

A PROPERLY PREPARED ELEGUA is slow moving energy tapping in to universal powers that cares not for the country of your birth, the color of your skin, or your cultural beliefs. It expresses the interrelating harmony with our original human blueprint and then can manifest all desires. It is the foundation upon which all things are created and are be built.

Elegua - Consecrated and Activated

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